Wish List for the season 2004


 April 24-25                             MARRS I

 May 15-16                             944Cup II

 (June 5-6                                  GTS)

 June 26-27                             MARRS IV

 July 10-11                              944Cup III

 July 24-25                              MARRS VI

 Aug 6-7                                  NNJ LRP

 Sept 4-6                                  MARRS VII & VIII

 Sept 18-19                              944Cup V

 Oct 9-10                                 MARRS IX

 Oct 23-24                               944Cup VI

 Nov 6-7                                  944Cup VII



MARRS : The Mid Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) is a series of SCCA sanctioned races held in the Mid-Atlantic area provided as MARRS events by the Washington DC Region.


944Cup : The 944 Cup series is a race series dedicated to front-engined water-cooled Porsche automobiles held in the Mid-Atlantic area, mostly sanctioned  in Virginia charter of NASA.